About Me

As a professional tailor, my experience in the luxury retail industry is not by choice, I thought it was a well-paid job back then as I was motivated to clear off the debts that I owed to my mother.

Throughout my employment, I dreaded the regimental management and work routine but I never stopped looking for a plan B. I was head-hunted by an insurance agency back in 2016 which I did not pursue in the end. Eventually, with the help of my wife, we established our own traditional tailor business in 2018.

I have tried many ways to break-away from employment to no avail. Looking back at my journey, I realised that I have lost myself while chasing for money and I compromised 2 particularly important aspects of my life, which is my health and family.

With the help of my cousin Lilian, she has showed me the way to all round success and a life of true mind and time freedom!

"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one"
- Bruce Lee