Why is Immunity Important ?

Have you ever thought on how could one measure and understand more on their immunity status? I used to think that by keeping to a regimental or a self proclaimed "healthy" living, I am healthy.

What is a "healthy" lifestyle to me back then?

  • Don't smoke or drink

  • Enough rest, no late nights

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Keep to a balanced 3 meals, minimizing on suppers

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week

Does the above sums up a healthy living? I believe most will agree that it is. However, despite engaging in the above, I have a cancer scare when I was 30 years old.

I believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, however I realized that I overlooked on 2 important factors that contributes to healthy lifestyle.

  1. Work - Stress and Work Lifestyle

  2. Genetic Health Issues

I have been working in the retail industry for almost a decade. To summarize the nature of retail job, it is;

  • Long working hours, shift work

  • Long hours of standing

  • Irregular meal due to shift and serving of clients

  • Fast paced, high demands from clients (in particular to those who are serving high net-worth of clients)

  • Due to shift work, we do not enjoy adequate rest periods

Does all the above sounds familiar to you?

Secondly, I have genetic issue of sinusitis since young. It was better as I exercise frequently when I was younger. It became worst when I spend most of my time working.

I believe that what happened to me is very common to many others. However, we are not aware that we have avenues to get our baseline assessment on our immunity system.

The S3 Biophotonic Scanner from Pharmanex is definitely a turning point for myself (Refer to the video on how he works). I was shocked when my score was revealed last year and was thinking to myself whether that's the reason for my ill health.

With a leap of faith, I embarked on a 90 days program in which helps in overhaul my body immunity system.

To understand how the 90 days will help you in your health, do drop us an email at nulifestyle18@gmail.com or do check out our booking page for enquiries.

We also encourage strongly that you and your family should get themselves measured with the S3 scanner. Fret not, it is a complimentary service. Our health consultants will be delighted to visit your home (if it is convenient) or your preferred locations to help you with the scanning procedure!

If not, you can pop in to our work space to get yourself measured too! Prevention is always better than cure !

Never take health for granted !

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