To all Mummies ! Let us discover the best you!

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”

When my little one is born my wife (Anny) and I went through a HUGE transformation in our life. We grow and learn each day to be better husband and wife and to be a better parent for the little one. Parenthood is a never ending journey and learning process and that’s why we need to GROW as individual.

Well there’s some pun in my statement and if you didn’t quite get it. It’s alright I love to laugh at my own jokes at time. Life is all about growth and change but that doesn’t mean you need to grow in size.

In my parenthood journey, I’m very fortunate that my girl grew up to be a fine lady (although she has a little feisty attitude in her) and my wife and I both grow not only mentally and spiritually but also physically.

Still remember the many days when my wife looked at me with the straight look of hers and asked, “Do I look Fat”, “Will you still love me when I grow fat”. All I did was well, of course I love you even if you are fat, we will grow fat and live happily ever after. Little did I know this was just a beginning of something big happening.

Early this year while we were shopping for Lunar New Year, it was really a bad experience for me cause my wife had a breakdown over finding clothing. She used to be a S/M size lady but after giving birth she ‘exploded’ into the L/XL range. Even then all I told her was you still look great and if you really want to lose weight just exercise and watch your diet.

Somewhere in March 2021, Anny met up with Serene over lunch for a catch up and of course for some reason Serene got to be the one to somehow have a solution to help Anny with her weight management issue. Of course when Anny heard about it she’s very excited and decided to Whatsapp me and share with me and you guessed it right! My first thought was what is this? It will not work, don’t waste the money and I ended our message with, “It’s your money and I will not suggest how you spend it” and I even told her it will not work for her.

I noticed that when Anny embarked on the TR90 programme, not only did she changed physically but emotionally I feel that her mood lifted and she found hope and confidence in herself. Of course after which I decided to join her in the programme but we will leave that story to another day.

So one day we had a meeting with my neighbour, the “little girl” and I see growing up all the way till she becoming a mum herself. She will always call me “Kor” (Brother in Chinese) and it does feels good to be “Kor” like a much respected figure and maybe giving some words of advice. But here’s something you should know about my neighbour, Pei Hsia. She’s my financial adviser and she’s really one of the hardworking FA in the field. Always see how she go the extra miles for her clients and really be there for them is something I always admire about her.

While we were doing our policy reviews, we talked about parenthood and of course the “Little Devils”. We shared tips and also noticed that she was struggling with post-natal weight issue. The first thing she asked Anny was how did you lose weight cause the last time

I saw you, you don’t look quite like now. That’s when Anny shared about her personal testimony to Pei Hsia and actually Pei Hsia tried various ways to lose weight and to 调身体(means to balance and fine tune your body to its optimum). Her last way was to one of the well-renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and she got to spend a whopping 5 grand for her TCM treatment.

In the year when Anny shared TR90 with Pei Hsia, she decided to give it a go not only for the weight issue and to 调身体 but also to make her feel better overall. For Pei Hsia, the best transformation is not only did she lost her pregnancy weight, she managed to fit into clothing that she couldn’t. It’s also the confidence she get as a mummy that can carry herself well at work and at home.

Like what Pei Hsia always say “Health is Wealth”, you could be all about the wealth but once your health is compromised there goes your wealth.

As for me the daddy, I have a health and beautiful wife. We guys love to look at beautiful things and the best in life is the beautiful thing is just right in front of your eyes and you should treasure them more!

So to all mummies out there, do join us on to journey to discover the best you, let us build a community to support both the mummies and daddies to have better health and wealth!

To know more about the programme just reach out to any of us from Nulife and we will be very happy to share our experience with you.

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