Looking for all Fitness Enthusiasts for a FOC S3 Scanning Test!

Nulife is looking out for 3 volunteers to do a short 30 sec video clips for us on our platform. In the 30 secs video, you just need to be measured using our S3 Biophotonic Scanner by Pharmanex and showcase your results!

No names or contacts will be divulged, we could give you initials to act as your identification on our video!

The objectives is to do an experiment on whether exercising impacts on one's carotenoid score. The carotenoid score is 1 of 600 types of anti-oxidant in our body which is the closest to our lifestyle.

Venue: Our office at One Pemimpin or venue of your choice

What do I get? - 1 complimentary bento set of your choice from our website www.nulifebento.myshopify.com

Let us do our part to promote a healthier living and lifestyle ! cheers!

Image of the S3 Biophotonic Scanner

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