Know your Immunity ! What Colour are you?

Know Your Immunity - What Colour Are You?

Not sure about you reading this post, but my family has been a firm believer of supplementation. I will always follow my mother to Watsons or Guardian to replenish our supplements every 2 months. Apart from supplements, my mother is super health conscious and would often ensure we eat well. We can never have a piece of fried or BBQ fish without her squeezing some lemon on it, as it helps to neutralize the free-radicals caused by the cooking process. We have to be prepared for some nagging if we reject the idea.

Of course, being in my 30s I always felt that “I am okay”.

Yes, I do feel tired half way through the day but I assume it’s just because I was tired from my daily chores, don’t everyone? And yes, I do feel under the weather at times, but isn’t it normal? Everyone fall sick a few times a year. However, when I did my Antioxidant Scan on Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner (S3 Scanner), I was struck by the fact that my body’s immunity was in a bad shape.

If you think it’s an age thing, my mother who is in her 60s also did the test had a much better result than me, almost 2 times better. On the other hand, my father-in-law who is the same age as my mother, had been on a popular “C Brand” multivitamins for years and his score landed in the lowest range.


Have you heard of Bioavailability? Bioavailability is how much you absorb and utilize nutrients from food or supplements. Absorption is what gets in your body, but then your body must be able to utilize it. Often, the supplements we purchase off the racks looks great in packaging and seems packed with Vitamins from A-Z, but just how effective are they?

Pharmanex® is the first nutritional supplement company to provide you with a non-invasive, fast, and convenient way using the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner (S3 Scanner) to determine your antioxidant status and whether your supplements are actually working for you.

Every day we are exposed to Free Radicals. No matter how healthy you try to be, you receive free radical damage every single day. When left alone, free radical damage to your cells accumulates and can lead to serious health concerns later in life. In fact, free radical damage can cause premature aging and is a large factor in the deterioration of health over time.

Antioxidants on the other hand are your first defense against free radicals. Although our bodies naturally generate some antioxidants, new research shows additional sources of antioxidants may provide added protection against a growing onslaught of free radical invaders.

Whenever we were asked how our supplements were working for us, we go by “our feel”, but really? Personally, I am a visual and factual person. Especially when I have to spend time, effort and money to commit to a supplement long term, I definitely would want to see actual proof that it is working and S3 Scanner is the answer.

So, What Colour Are You?

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