Does pure exercise and proper diet works for fats loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Shaen and myself started out challenging ourselves months back, testing our own physical fitness condition. At the same time, I am also trying to experiment on whether pure exercising and proper 3 meals diet could effectively help in fats loss!

To ensure that the experiment is fair, we push our limits physically and as for the diet, we kept it within 3 proper meals with moderate portions. However, in order to be realistic, we do not go clean (we are not gym junkies to begin with), we maintained a 3333 diet plan.

What's 3333 diet plan is about?

  • 3 servings of carbohydrates - rice, noodles

  • 3 servings of vegetables

  • 3 servings of natural fat burner - meat, protein

  • 3 servings of fat burning protein 2 (Non-meat source) - Broccoli, Beans etc

Personally, I think we have seen a lot of diet trends out there. I do agree that there are people that benefits and transform from that. However, I still believe that in order for our lifestyle to be sustainable, it must be realistic and simple to follow;)

Do check out my next post for my final verdict on my experiment ! Stay tune;)

*PS Do join us tomorrow for our maiden FB live a 8pm! We will be talking about diet, exercise and healthy and effective weight loss! Don't miss it !

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