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My 90 days journey 2

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

11 days into my physical 90 days challenge! I should say it’s getting easier and I definitely feel much lighter and better. It’s really just a mental game! It’s all in the mind. 11 days ago I didn’t think I could but 11 days later it’s a whole different story!

My cousin threw a challenge to me and was saying my exercise regime is too easy! He show me some videos on Tabata exercise to follow. When he first showed me on Saturday(26 June), I’m like this is way too crazy, I will just die! Tried it and I’m really exhausted!

But as the word challenge goes, nothing is ever easy! No pain no gain! So starting from today

I will be adding the following Tabata exercise into my regime.

Part 1- https://bit.ly/3qwYRls Part 2-https://bit.ly/3qxleHB Part 3-https://bit.ly/3xf78w

Join me on this journey and become the better you!

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