What to "eat?" to stay healthy!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I have always being a firm believer of healthy lifestyle. I mean I am not obsessed with clean diet, as in calories counting or what not. Generally, I am more conscious on my lifestyle and making sure I exercise regularly.

Despite following through a routine and trying my best to be consistent in my lifestyle, I had a cancer scare when I was 30 years old. Due to panic attack, I went searching online frantically, trying to search for a "cure" towards my bad health.

In the process of searching, I tried almost all the dietary trends such as "keto", "Paleo", "intermittent fasting" etc

I mean I agree that there are many success stories from all the methods mentioned above and thus the reason I have even decide to attempt all of them in the past. I tried to change my diet to high protein, no carbs which was so painful for me to follow through as I am a carbs lover. To fasten the process, I increased on my exercise regime from twice a week to four times a week. Heavy investments were made on gym membership etc.

Unfortunately, I don't get to see significance results and my health continues to deteriorate. At the end of the day, I realized one very important point! (You can disagree with me, leave your comments below !) Personally, I feel that any drastic change of our lifestyle is definitely not SUSTAINABLE not the long run. You can feel the results if you are super disciplined in the routine, however how many people out there are able to live with such disciplined lifestyle?

At the end of the day, I still believe in enjoying the process. We can still indulged in whatever we love to eat but moderately of course !

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